Posted 2 weeks ago

iMLFusionTrader team would like to update all our customers that as of today we stopped sending out Daily Reports directly to users’ email box. All our customers will still be able to find the Daily Reports in their back-office on the

Also, we would like to remind you that both services will be discontinued completely on March 13, 2018.  Accordingly, as of March 13, 2018, you will need to manually manage any open positions in your accounts. And in order to reduce the number of open positions, we strongly recommend you to use the StopSignal option in the account's settings. (Turn the StopSignal ON, and Save your settings)

We will update all our customers with detailed analysis on March 7th with recommended StopLoss and TakeProfit levels from all Master Traders.

With best regards,
iMLFusionTrader team.

Posted 6 months ago

Introducing Our NEW Feature For IMLFusionTrader.


We have been working hard and doing our ABSOLUTE best to make IMLFusionTrader the most unbelievable and consistent product on the market. Over the last few weeks we have been putting together a feature we are calling the “Variable Stop Loss”.  This feature will work under the settings tab in “My Account” section and will give you multiple options to pick from in regards to a PER ENTRY Stop Loss ( 30, 50, 75, 100, 200, OFF).

Each trader has recommendation, however remember that you can go above or below that recommendation to have more security or less security against drawdown and floating trades. We recommend to stay conservative and follow recommendations posted below.

Each Masters Recommended Lot Size:

Mr. Consistency: 0.01 per $500 (high)/.01 per $1000 (low)

Optimus Prime: .01 per $1000 (high)/.01 per $2000 (low)

Xplosive: .01 for each $250 (high)/.01 per $500 (low)

McGyver Waves: .01 for each $500 (high)/.01 per $1000 (low)

Athenean: .01 for each $800 (high)/.01 per $1500 (low)

Darth Trader: .01 for each $250 (high)/.01 per $500 (low)

Yoda: .01 for each $250 (high)/.01 per $500 (low)

Zeus: .01 for each $500 (high)/.01 per $1000 (low)


Each Masters Recommended Variable Stop Loss:

Optimus Prime - no stop loss

Mr Consistency - 100 pips

Athenean - no stop loss (high risk)/200 pips (safer)

Xplosive - 50-75 pips

Darth Trader - no stop loss (high risk)/100 pips (safer)

Zeus - 100 pips

Yoda - 50 pips

McGyver Waves - 200 pips (higher risk)/100 pips (lower risk)

How to calculate potential risk with (NEW) Variable Stop Loss: 

.01 (micro) = $.10c per pip, take the stop loss you desire and multiply by .10 Example 1: 50 pips stop loss x .10 = $5 risk per .01. To figure out potential % risk per trade you would take $5 from the simple equation above and divide by the account size. So on a $500 account, 50 pips stop loss is 1% per .01; Example 2: $5000 account balance, Trader Zeus (.01 per $1000 conservative risk)100 pips recommended stop loss is approx $10 per loss. A $10 loss is 1% risk per $1000 ($10/$1000 = 1%). If you were willing to risk 2% per trade you could choose the 200 pips stop loss option or increase lot size to .02 per $1000 with a 100 pips stop loss for this master.

Posted 7 months ago

Two new master traders added to iMLFusionTrader!

After a very successful testing period we are excited to announce the additions of our 7th and 8th masters to iMLFusionTrader.

Their stats from testing period are available in the market place on Fusion website and you can connect to these traders now if you wish. Their trades will begin copying Sunday night into Monday morning!

Introducing Zeus 

This master has been trading and making a full time living in the Forex market for 15 years. Trading is his passion.

He Is a very active trader and is using an intra day model with goals to close all trades by end of the day/week so clients can withdraw profits if necessary. He trades all sessions and moves between many different major pairs to help maximize opportunities and profits.

This master does hedge occasionally but not often and does not hold trades long term. Drawdown will be at a minimum as he is quick in and out of the market with high probability trades.

His goal is 1400-2000 pips per month and is focused on helping people consistently earn day by day and over a long period of time!

Recommended risk settings are:

$350 min deposit start size

.01 per $500 is aggressive
.01 per $750 is moderate
.01 per $1000 is conservative

Introducing Yoda 

This master is very active and brings many years of dynamic trading experience to the platform. He is trading intra day and high probability swings and will not aim to hold trades any longer than 1-2 days. He is using Elliot Wave and higher time frame analysis for overall trend identification… then moves back to lower time frame for pinpoint entries to reduce risk of any drawdown.

 His goal is 100 pips per day and will enter 2-3 pairs a time with 3-5 entries per pair. This is a low risk, high probability strategy that has been very effective and consistent.

 .01 per $250-500 should be a comfortable range for your lot size setting for accounts less than $2000 but for accounts larger than $2000… .01 per $500-1000 would be even safer due to amount of trades and responsible compounding of the account long term.

Thank you for your support! We are dedicated to consistently bringing the best masters to the table and providing our clients with a variety of different styles and risk level traders!

Posted 7 months ago

We have released a new option for switching between Master Traders.

Going forward, you are free to change your Master Trader and to keep any current positions opened and managed by your Previous Master, while your newly chosen Master Trader will start placing positions on your account at the same time. Clients are not limited per daily switching between Master Traders, all trades will be managed by respective Signal Provider.

PLEASE NOTE:  We would like to mention that multiple Masters, trading on your account can be potentially dangerous and therefore we recommend you to avoid switching between more than 2 Masters at any given time.

Posted 7 months ago

Expectations for coming weeks from Optimus Prime.

This week and the next week I'm going to open only hedging positions especially for the over-leveraged small accounts. I prefer to got small losses and worst ratio of success , that someone lose their account. Of course, in the future no one will be able to over-leverage.The system will not allow it. We will not allow small accounts of less than $ 1000 to be connected with Optimus Prime and 0.01 for every 500 will be forbidden. I said since the first minute. Be careful with your lotsize (watch videos that I did more than a month ago). What can not be is that my account has a drawdown of 18% and others of a 60%. So patience and in a few days we are going to win pips again. 


Las expectativas para las próximas semanas de Optimus Prime.

Esta semana y la siguiente sólo abriré posiciones de cobertura sobretodo por las cuentas pequeñas sobreapalancadas. Prefiero salir con pequeñas pérdidas y que mi ratio de acierto baje, a que alguno pierda su cuenta. Eso sí, en el futuro ya nadie podrá sobreapalancarse ya que el sistema no lo permitirá. No permitiremos que cuentas pequeñas de menos de 1000$ se acoplen a Optimus Prime ni que nadie se apalanque 0.01 por cada 500$. Yo lo dije desde el primer minuto que si algunos seguíais con este apalancamiento, un buen retroceso os podía barrer (mirad videos que colgué hace más de un mes). Lo que no puede ser es que mi cuenta tenga un drawdown del 18% y otras de un 60%.Así que paciencia unos días, y luego volveremos a tope a ganar pips.

Posted 8 months ago

Meet Mr. Consistency

- Trading starts Sunday 5 pm EST

- This master trades 27 pairs

- His weekly goal is to reach 300-400 pips and have all trades closed by Wednesday 5 pm EST

- This master will not be trading once goal is reached (ex: if 400 pips by Wednesday, no trades Thurs/Fri)

- If market is slow, trades will carry over to following week (very rare)

- Trading style is basket trading. Which means multiple entries will be open at certain intervals and when whole set of opened trades reach a target amount of pips, all trades get closed. Then a new basket of trades are opened. This process is repeated until Master reaches 400 pip target for the week

- Ultimate goal is to have always have all trades closed before Friday so customers can withdraw profits if necessary. 

- For higher risk use a .01 per $250-750
- For moderate risk use .01 per $750-1000
- For conservative risk use .01 per $1000-1500+ 

- Keep stop loss unchecked so it does not interfere with basket strategy

Posted 8 months ago

We hope that you have ended this trading week with great results so far. This letter is to update you regarding the new option on iMLFusionTrader.

In order to reduce any potential losses while switching between Masters, we come up with a solution for all users who would like to change Master Trader or to stop following their chosen Master and to close all current open positions smoothly, together with the Signal Provider without getting any new trades opened on their account.

The new feature is called “Stop Signal” - this will stop copying any NEW trades placed by your chosen Master, and at the same time all previously opened trades will be managed by the system and will be closed simultaneously with the Master Trader. Please, don't change your Master Trader until all trades of your current Signal Provider are closed, otherwise, all and any trades will be closed at the same time as you switch Master Trader.

We strongly recommend enabling this option BEFORE changing your Master Trader or removing your account from our system.

Also, we would like to update all our customers that from now on, our ticket/email support system has become available directly on our sites. In order to contact our support team, please fill in this form here:

Our LiveChat is still available for all active iML users on Social Wall and on My Account pages.

Posted 9 months ago

Regarding Optimus Prime


We have noticed that not all accounts were able to handle all Master’s trade. Therefore we were forced to add several restrictions.

  1. Optimus Prime can be chosen for accounts which deposit is equal or more then $1000. Therefore this Master is available in dropdown only after client’s account is connected and balance is updated on site.

  2. Lot size for this particular account is calculated with separate formula: 0,01 per each $1000. If you want to know your lot size just divide your current balance between 100000 and then you'll have the lot size you should choose.

Posted 9 months ago


If you are hooked up to 'Optimus Prime' or 'Mr. Consistency', make sure you are NOT hooked up to a trader on with the same account, because of high risk and significant activity on these above traders. 

Recommended lot size (risk) for the above Traders is 0.01 per $500 in your brokerage account. Example, if you have $1,000 then you make your lot size 0.02 if desired. Also make sure the 'stop loss' box is un-checked. 

To eliminate a trader if needed, go to, login, click 'My Account' and press the 'Delete' button.

In case if you would like to keep your trader with FXsignalslive, you will need to setup a second brokerage account with your broker, add it to, and choose the trader you desire.

Posted 9 months ago

We are bringing THREE NEW masters to the platform for our users to choose from. We have been testing through many traders for the last several weeks and months to find the best professional options for our clients. 
- TrendyPips -
This Master Trader is working with the definition of lower and upper levels of a breakout. He is watching for trend lines and his strategy is based on powerful tools, which help him to define trend direction and entry points. However all trades are placed manually. “TrendyPips” usually places 1-3 trades per day and he is going to close all transactions within one day. Positions are placed on 2 symbols mainly: EURUSD and USDJPY. This signal is FIFO compliant.
- Optimus Prime -
This signal combines 2 strategies: Long-term swing trades and short intraday positions. Master Trader is using hedging positions like a manual StopLoss. So it is recommended to follow this Master with our “StopLoss option” Unchecked. This way Master can better manage his positions. Therefore it is possible to see in the same asset two positions long and one short or two shorts and one long. Normally Master trades EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDNZN, CADJPY.
Also due to big number of open positions at the same time, we would like to use this Money Management per account:
Each $500 + 0.01
$100 - $500 = 0.01
$500 - $1500 = 0.03
$2000 - $2500 = 0.05
$4500 - $5000 = 0.10

And one more Master will be introduced to you soon.
We also support connection of the same account to both autotrading systems: FXsignalsLive and FusionTrader. This one account can’t be connected to FXsignalsLive twice. Only to 1 Master. 

** In case you have chosen “Optimus Prime” we advise you to keep this account connected only to Fusion as this Master is very active.
Feel free to contact our support with any questions regarding the system any time in our Live Chat available on Social Wall and My Accounts pages.




  1. Go to
  2. Login (same as IML info).
  3. Click on 'My Accounts'.
  4. Enter MT4 login from broker.
  5. Choose Master Trader you want.
  6. Select your broker.
  7. Press Submit.
  8. Under 'My Account' you can change anything you desire under 'Settings' with the trader you chose.
  • Must have minimum of $100 in your brokerage account in order to take the trades.
  • Once it's live, where can I see my trades?

    On your MetaTrader4 app on under trades or history. is an exclusive site only for's Customers/Members.

  1. Watch Video above to get started.
  2. Do not manually execute trades on the same MT4 account that is being used for iMLFusionTrader signals. As this may cause an error and Master Account won't be able to close trades properly.
  3. Each Signal Provider has his own Risk Criteria, his own trading style and model, please review their track records prior to "Copying" their trading. We are 100% Transparent.
  4. We will add good performance Signal Providers, to provide you with the best service.
  5. We are always actively seeking "Top Performance", if are you are or know somebody who seeking an additional stream of income working with us as a "Signal Provider", email
  6. Our Live Trading Room and it's schedule can be found on
  7. Enjoy our website, and be patient as we build a solid foundation into the coming weeks/months!

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